The cost of Moving Home?

This is the financial cost of moving home, we can’t put a price on what it will do for you emotionally, but I can guarantee that you will experience many emotions hopefully leaving you very happy.

The average price of a house in the UK is around the £230,000 mark so we will base all calculations on this.

Cost of selling a house.

Estate agents’ fees @1.5% £3450
Conveyancing Fees £1000
Energy performance certificate cost £75
Removal fees £1200

Total fees £5725

Cost of buying a house.

Stamp duty £2,300
Conveyancing Fees £750
Property Survey £500
Removal Fees £1200

Cost for Selling a house £4750

Remember these costs are very approximate, for example, if you are buying and selling your removal costs will not be the two added together it will be less, with the Conveyancing fees you should shop around, but if you were wondering how much it costs to buy and sell the average value home in the UK you will not be far off if you allow £10,000. are not a firm of solicitors, and any content on the site should not be used in substitute for obtaining Legal advice from a solicitor regulated in the UK, recommends that you contact a firm of solicitors to discuss your individual legal requirement. Whilst we strive to bring you accurate up to date content, all content on this site is not legal advice and is not guaranteed to be correct. Use of this site does not create a client relationship.